An Annual Gathering

2017 Hand-Outs

Through the extreme and continuing generosity of our Presenters, here are many of the hand-outs used in the talks. Soon our intrepid Gene Monterastelli will be providing me with recordings, which will fist come out in our newsletters.

From CJ Puotinen (

Dear Friends,

As mentioned in my EFT for Pain presentation last Saturday, pain and discomfort can be an EFT practitioner’s best friend. When we demonstrate EFT to someone who is experiencing acute or chronic pain, we can do several things at once:

1) We can demonstrate EFT’s basic protocol (setup phrase, reminder phrases, and tapping points) so that they see or experience EFT in action..

2) We can help the person experience relief from pain, as this approach usually works.

3) We can remind the person that EFT is a self-help tool that is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to share with others. Our clients and practice partners can use EFT on themselves with good results.

The treatment of physical pain is a large and growing industry, and in human and veterinary medicine, pain treatment has become a medical specialty. Teaching patients how to accurately describe their pain and teaching physicians and nurses how to understand their patients’ descriptions is making a significant difference in the treatment of pain.

As we demonstrated last Saturday, we can use the basic EFT protocol (the original Basic Recipe) to improve symptoms, at least a little. But when we add more specific and detailed descriptions, even if they’re completely imaginary, our results usually improve.

See the attached file for two pages of Pain Questions, which can be printed on regular paper for your note-taking as you talk with your client or practice partner, or you can print the questions on business card stock from an office supply store and separate the questions into Pain Question Flash Cards. You can go through the cards one at a time to check for symptoms or give them to your client or practice partner so that he or she can do the same. You can add new questions to your list as ideas and descriptions come to you.  The cards’ purpose is to inspire descriptions that address pain and discomfort from a new perspective. The more we do this, and the more we incorporate our clients’ exact words and descriptions, the faster and more effective our results are likely to be.

In addition, I have attached a bonus report that describes pain questions in more detail. And you are welcome to read my pain-related reports from Gary Craig’s online newsletter by clicking on the Case Histories posted on my website, They include:

Back Pain Relief in an EFT Workshop

EFT Speeds Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Three-week incapacitating back pain relieved in one phone session

Arthritic Knee Pain Relief from EFT despite an official Medical Diagnosis

I’m collecting descriptions of pain and invite you to share whatever interesting, colorful, and successful EFT pain sessions you experience.

Thank you again for attending this year’s Spring Energy Event!

With best wishes,

CJ Puotinen

Accredited, Certified EFT Master Trainer of Trainers

AAMET International

Helena, Montana


EFT – TAPPING FOR PHYSICAL PAIN Bonus File EFT workshop Q cards