An Annual Gathering

2020 SEE Schedule

                This year, we SEE in 2020 Vision!

The pdf and schedule will be announced here, as soon as we’ve finished the final details (it’s just November, y’all! : )

FRIDAY, April 24, 2020 3pm The Spring Energy Event begins; check in and then check-out our famous, experiential Roundtables (see Tab on the lower right side of our site.)

SATURDAY, April 25, 2020 9am-9pm   Our full day and evening of events, presentations, workshops, raffles and bounteous food and snacks.

SUNDAY, April 26, 2020  9am-430pm   On Sundays we create a more intimate atmosphere in our presentations, workshops and community remembrances. Pay It Forward Giveaways and celebrations close out our official event, and many relax with friends, old and new, and gather for suppers and pub visits.  Consider staying over if your return journey or flight can be accomplished on Monday, or, you’re staying over for our traditional, optional workshop.

MONDAY, April 27, 2020  930-330    Every year we offer those staying over a satisfying deeper-dish experience of Tapping and Energy Work, with S.E.E. host Jondi Whitis and often, special guests.  This is a separate event and charge; stay-over rooms (with or without roommates), will still be available at our discounted conference rate.


  Newcomers may view the 2019 SEE Schedule, here: 

Open the pdf here, or see below the typed version:




As of March 24, 2019; final details and changes in progress



Friday 4/5

3:00 PM
Registration and Check in Begins

3:30-5:00 PM
Roundtables in Ballroom 1

Joe Schippa, Alicia North, Lucie Monroe, Kimberly Francano, Deborah Donndelinger, CJ Puotinen, Robin Bilazarian, Cathleen Campbell Stone, and Samantha Abrahams.

5:00 PM
Mingle & Greet in Atrium/Pub

6:00 PM

7:15 PM
Welcome in Ballroom 1

7:30 PM
An Experience with Somatic Release TRE and Alison Morris

8:30-9:00 PM
Relaxing evening Yoga with Jeannette Howard


Saturday 4/6

7:00-8:30 AM

8:15 AM
Ballrooms & Speakers Tables open

9:00 AM
Welcome & Program Begins

9:15 AM
Gene Monterastelli: The Possibility of Healing Being More Than Just Relief

10:00 AM

Falguni Mather: Freedom Through Emotions

10:45 AM

11:00 AM

Kelly Nezat: The Healing Spiral & SoulLab Emergence

11:45 AM

Robin Bilazarian:  Pain Protocols: Conscious PushBack in an Opioid Epidemic

12:30 PM


1:45 PM
Kris Ferraro: The Phoenix Experience, Rise After a Set Back

2:30 PM
Terry Maluk: Baby Steps to Possible

3:15 PM


3:30 PM

Jackie Simek: Profiting From Passion

4:15 PM

Thornton Streeter: The Possibilities of Seeing the Energy in the BioField
(by SKYPE form NZ)

5:00 PM
Alan Davidson:  Tapping the Evolution of Human Possibility

6:00 PM
Break & Conversation

6:30 PM


Speaker Tables Open

7:30 PM

Lori Lamont: Getting to the Bottom of It

8:15 PM


8:30 PM
Darryl Tonemah: Weaving a Song Circle of Interactive Energy & Voice

9:30 PM


Sunday, 4/7

7:00-8:30 AM


8:15 AM

Ballroom & Speaker Tables Open

9:00 AM

Jondi Whitis: Community Evolutions & Transitions

9:30 AM

Ange Finn: Sacred Vocation

10:15 AM

Lynn Staley: Possible to Be Well Again After Loss?

11:00 AM


11:15 AM

Jenn DeLorenzo: Possibilities in Neural Release: Brain-Spotting

12:00 PM

Candice Thomas: Developing Your Innate Intuitive Capabilities

12:45 PM


1:45 PM

Junie Moon: Possibilities in Inner Critic Taming: Banishing Shame

2:30 PM

Jondi Whitis: The Power & Possibility in the Wordless

3:45 PM

“Ted Speaks”

4:00 PM

The Finale, The Raffle Grand Prize Basket

4:30 PM

End of Spring Energy Event 7

Mingling, Visiting, Relaxation for all who can stay with us;
overnight extensions available


Monday, 4/8

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The Optional Traditional Monday Workshop presents:
Candice Thomas with cohost Jondi Whitis

A Workshop to Develop & Harness Your Intuitive Self: The Power Within