An Annual Gathering

Transportation & Directions Info

                        Planning information for 2020

We’ve worked hard to create an entire weekend for you to come, park it, relax and receive all weekend.  No more traffic, office hours, phones, meals to worry about.  Everything is here waiting for you.  Block out your calendar for some quality ME TIME with an inspiring, supportive community of like-minded energy practitioners of all kinds.  We’re all here to make this your best weekend all year!


The site of this year’s event is in Florham Park, NJ, and confusingly named Wyndham Hamilton Park!  But here is the actual address and phone:

175 Park Ave, Florham Park, NJ 07932-1003 US

HOWEVER….all registrations go through the front desk, using our reservation code.  Please tell the booking concierge at the time if you intend to share a room, and the name of that person.
The rooms will be waiting for you upon check-in Friday, April 24th at the front desk, at 3pm. You name will be on Jondi’s Spring Energy Event Reservations list; simply present your credit card to retrieve the reservation you made.



Check out the pinned posts on our FaceBook group, Spring EFT & Energy Gathering.

We’re looking for heroes who are willing to drive in with someone who needs a ride. This is especially important for those flying in for the event, or those without cars or needing assistance.  Several community memberss are coming in from the Newark Airport on Friday, 4/24.  To offer your help as a rideshare hero or find one:

Go to our FaceBook page and add what you’re looking for! You’ll see on the pinned posts one from Kris Ferraro that has a grid-like image in her post, where people can look, see, swap rides and share accommodations, find roommates, etc.

LOCAL AIRPORTS:  NEWARK INTERNATIONAL is the closest, about a 15-20 minute cab ride away.  With advance notice, we’ll try to help you connect with rideshares, from the FACEBOOK page.

You can also use the other NY airports: Laguardia Airport or John F. Kennedy Airport, Westchester Airport, or the Islip Airport, but all these are further away. Unless you are renting a car, or a friend is picking you up, the Newark option is probably best.