An Annual Gathering

2020 SEE Workshop, with Dr. David Gruder, LIVE on ZOOM!

Each year we offer a traditional, optional Monday workshop.  As we continue to weather the viral contagion, we will join each other this year, online, for a live, digital event.

This year we are proud to present Dr. David Gruder, Ph.D.  He is a visionary leader and Energy Psychology icon,  known for his intellect as well as his warmth and vision.  His Integrity Culture Systems delivers Keynotes, training & consulting on making integrity profitable, leaders elevated, collaborators productive, happiness sustainable & society healthy.™

The special workshop he’s created for SEE 2020, a live, digital event, is:

Making Integrity Profitable:  An evolutionary, integrity-centric roadmap to becoming a Human Potential Leader in 2020

Our need for repair is urgent:
Societal divisiveness, political polarization, and media mindjacking Are behind a significant rise in client distress. And with it, our own.
How do we make a difference in such a time and environment? How do we serve a highly stressed clientele, when we ourselves are highly distressed?  And how do we make a meaningful living with integrity  during these times, from our gifts, skills and training?

The American Psychological Association’s annual survey on “Stress in America: The State of Our Nation” (APA, 2017, 2018) appears to verify that the time for doing this is now. Energy practitioners can play a pivotal role in helping this happen. Attending this powerful paradigm-blowing program from award-winning psychologist Dr. David Gruder offer 3 huge takeaways: 
1) An evolutionary integrity-centric strategic self-development roadmap for the 2020s; 
2) A spiritually aligned framework for you to get free from money and power shadow so you can effectively and ethically monetize your expertise; and 
3) A practical template for upleveling your career by becoming an ethical entrepreneur and transcendent thought & market leader… in your community or with your target market.

If you want to make a bigger difference in the 2020s without sacrificing your integrity, financial well-being or life balance, make plans now to attend this one-of-a-kind program.  April 27th, 10-3, just after the Spring Energy Event 2020. Same hotel.  Details here:

Bio for David Gruder, PhD:

Dr. David Gruder was ACEP’s co-founder, first President, and co-architect of its certification programs, and authored the classic Energy Psychology Desktop Companion and the Energy Psychology Anywhere CD. Today he is Co-Head of Faculty for CEO Space International (a business, nonprofit and leadership development organization), is on Core Faculty with the California Institute for Human Science, and is the Chief Integrity & Collaboration Officer for Integrity Revolution, LLC. This clinical and organizational development psychologist is a recognized leader in the area of Business Psychology, PsychPreneurship, and Culture Architecture. He was the first recipient of a leadership award that was named in his honor, has been featured numerous times in Forbes, and was dubbed by Radio & Television Interview Reports as “America’s Integrity Expert” in 2008. A speaker, trainer, mentor and trusted advisor for the past 40+ years, Dr. Gruder’s mission is to make happiness sustainable and integrity profitable. He is known worldwide for his unquenchable passion, broad talents, and huge heart. And he is a Transformation Leader that thought leaders look up to and seek mentoring from. One wrote that he “might well be the Sigmund Freud of the 21st century.” Another calls him a “leading spokesman for the future of the world.” His second print book, which provides an integrated blueprint for restoring integrity to all levels of society, won six of his eight book awards. A major upcoming Hollywood feature film is based on his third book. His forthcoming next books include, “The Hijacking of Happiness, Health, Prosperity & Governance… and How to Reclaim Your Power” and “7 Psychological Keys to Entrepreneur & Leader Success.” His main website is

Business & Leader Peak Performance Psychologist || Integrity & Collaboration Skills Master Trainer || Purpose-Driven Culture Architect™
Bringing the Wisdom of Psychology to Business, the Wisdom of Entrepreneurship to Professionals, & the Best of Both to Education, Social Change & Governance™
CEO Space International Board Member, Special Counsel to the Chairman & Co-Head of Faculty:
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Co-Founder & First President (retired):
ManKind Project International, Ritual Elder: