An Annual Gathering

Registration & Information for SEE 2019

You signed up already, right?

(We’ve added a few more spots!)

It’s easy as 123 to register.

This April 5-7, we’re gathering in Florham Park, NJ

 1. Copy Paste & Send the following to:

I’m IN for 2018!
Name for nametag _____________________
Best Email for contact___________________
Phone ___________
My favorite thing about SEE that I’d like to see more of: _______________________

2. Pay Event Registration Fee of $50

Use PayPal to easily send me your $50 registration;  NOTE this will send you to your account to pay – it is already coded to SEE 2019, and you will receive an acknowledgement from both PayPal and me.

Note: You don’t need a Paypal account to use this service. All credit/ debit cards accepted and can be used through PayPal, if you prefer.

Send me your hotel choices of date/lodging/rooming:   Your SEE price for the annual retreat weekend is $50 event registration plus your choice of at-cost hotel room/food/meeting accommodations expense, which goes directly to the hotel, via your credit card upon check-in.

               Everyone raved about both hotel and food, so we’re back!

IMPORTANT:    ALL Hotel  Reservations Are Made Through Jondi, AFTER Registration (above).  I have purchased a block of rooms, meeting rooms, and food/labor services for our weekend retreat; all reservations therefore must come through me.  THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE or through any web-based booking service, and the front desk registration call lines do not have this package listed.

You will receive a registration confirmation by email for all staying at hotel for our weekend retreat. when On Friday April 5th, you’ll simply check in with your name and credit card to claim your room, with balance due at check-out April 7th. Your registration on the SEE list and room deposit becomes the hotel’s guarantee of your stay. This is a commitment to be with us. : )

For those on DayTripper packages, after general registration you’ll need to tell Jondi which days (4/6, 7) in the comments section of the PayPal registration payment box below. She will confirm with you the days and registration payment directly.


This event is completely non-commercial.  Which means at-cost only. Your event cost is $50 plus a share of the hotel rental costs for the event (meeting rooms, labor, food and lodging).

ROOMS...Your entire weekend food & accommodations package costs are hotel expenses, and depend solely  upon your choice of single rooms ($535), double rooms ($408), and even a couple of triple ($364) and quad accommodations ($344), in case you’d like to make it a party : )  Again – this is all inclusive!! –  wonderful lodging, terrific food, snacks, and your share of the expenses for putting on the retreat within the hotel ballrooms.

FOOD … there is sumptuous, plentiful, fresh, delicious and very well- prepared food at each meal*.  There are plenty of options for most eating and diet styles to choose from.  We have a huge snack buffet with coffees and teas and juices in the mid-morning and afternoon on Saturday and Sunday included, too!               * Friday supper, Saturday breakfast, lunch and supper, Sunday breakfast, lunch and amazing snacks in between. 

As we are a non-commercial event, each year I am joined by a team of dedicated volunteers who put in a lot of time for their fellow colleagues and community members. It’s been a true labor of love, and as we grow and evolve, co-creating this event you have all loved and enjoyed over the past 6 years.  Thank you for supporting what you love!

           Jondi & the entire (and tireless!) TapFest team