An Annual Gathering

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Annabel Fisher & The Healing Game

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Listen as Vancouver’s own Annabel Fisher talks about her life, her illness and her book that talks about how healing happens.


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                                          April 13-15, 2018 in Florham Park, NJ

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I will be sending and and posting information on our hotel selections very soon, for the lovely Wyndham Hotel everyone raved about, in the near future.  There will be opportunities for singles, doubles, and even a few triple and quad accommodations, if you’d like to make it a party!  This year I will be providing the reservations list in advance of the event, and you’ll be asked for your credit card upon check-in – my registered reservations list will be the hotel’s guarantee that you will be attending.

In previous years, the Spring Energy Event was 100% free. Participants only paid for food and lodging. Each year I am joined by a team of dedicated volunteers who put in a lot of time for their fellow colleagues and community members. It’s been a true labor of love, and as we grow, we have to begin covering our expenses and cost overruns and helping create this event you have all loved and enjoyed over the past 5 years.  Thank you for supporting what you love!
           Jondi & the entire (and tireless!) TapFest team

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Dr. Henry Grayson, speaks on Your Power to Heal, a loving synthesis of healing experience, energy protocols and adaptations of EFT, and conscious release of negative emotions surrounding our issues and challenges.

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