An Annual Gathering

The Worst Thing for A Caretaker is…

Isolation.  That’s right. Becoming disconnected from tribe.

I train a lot of people, and have in a number of industries before energy psychology; the #1 thing that kept them all small, unhappy, unfulfilled, uneasy or even giving up was this….they had let themselves become isolated.  Dis-connected from like-minded community.

You can fix that, starting right now.

This is what the Spring Energy Event community was created to do – foster, encourage and deepen connection.

One of my first teachers here in my adopted town was the Rev.  Dr. Bryant C. Kirkland.  I remember walking in to find him saying, “You can’t go it alone, in New York City.” Not only did I stay to hear his wise counsel for many years, but I adapted that motto to any work or group I was involved with.  Over and over again I found he was right – you can’t go it alone if you want to be healthy, growing powerful and effective.

Humans need the connection, support, acceptance and experience of being with one another. That never changes. And as a professional caretaker-helper-therapist-wellcare-teacher-practitioner-lightworker, you absolutely need this.

We practice with each other, learn from each other, nurture and support one another; we create powerful capability, courage and wisdom by traveling in the company of one another.

It’s also important we learn how to receive; those who take care of others are frequently reluctant to do so – and the result is that they don’t.  They just keep giving, never replenishing the well.  They easily burn-out, shut-down, get lost in self-doubt or quit in frustration.

The antidote is connection.  

And at least once a year, it’s yours, here at the annual Spring Energy Event.  It’s our 5th year and we have reserved a bit of room April 21-23, hoping you will come, join us, receive, and be able to serve more powerfully and happily throughout the coming year.

Contact Jondi@TapFest for DayTripper (4/21, 22,23) and Master Class with CJ Puotinen (4/24) info and sign-up. Contact JenPerez@Wyndham to see what accommodations might still be available.

You don’t want to miss this.

And now…. for your moments of Zen  : )

This is a recording of the always wise and effervescent Kris Ferraro.  Listen, enjoy, and welcome her back.  She is our final speaker for the 5th annual Spring Energy Event, April 23rd; this will get you revved up for more!  I’ll see you soon,

Jondi, Founder & Host, Spring Energy Event


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