An Annual Gathering

Everyone is Stoked! We’re Almost There!

Spring!!!At long last………Spring!!!!

We can’t wait to see you all again – this is the highlight of the year, when our community returns to one another, bringing along new members who will become friends and colleagues and grow our community of support, expertise and well-being. We are a Community of Transformation.

Hope you’ve saved your space – time and space is running out!

And have you emailed, blogged, FaceBooked, Linked-In or newslettered about our event? You never know who you’ll meet here, and how excited folks will be to meet the person-behind-those blogs or emails or the big ‘names’ you never thought you’d get to talk to, personally.

Here’s the link again to reserve your space.  Just scroll down to the blue Make A Reservation box, fill in your dates, choose your room type, put in our code, 10T7PN, and any roommate info in the comments box.  (Only one person per room needs to sign up, if you put the other names’ info in the comments box; you can sort out your $ arrangements at check-in.)  That’s it!  Signing up for the room signs you up for the entire program, and your meals, too.  

If you want to come, but don’t need a room, please call the reservations desk, 800-533-6767 and use our code 10T7PN to sign up for one or both days.

Have you seen the amazing line-up of speakers coming to see you?!?!  The full schedule is now here, along with a downloadable program so you can choose for the rich content coming your way.

Look down to the right, at the various sections, such as  Scheduled Speakers and Full Program.  The entire schedule is listed to the right, as well as our full program so you can see all the wonderful things coming your way. Download these so you can spend some time choosing your own magnificent weekend program   New for this year, we even have a robust Friday afternoon and evening program, (look at the SEE 2015 Schedule for this info),  designed to begin immediately relaxing you into being full presence for our weekend of wisdom, inspiration, support, community, transformation …and fun, of course!

And don’t forget..

You also have an option to join us for the Monday workshop (4/20) with EFT Master Jacqui Crooks, called COMING HOME TO YOURSELF. You can see more about that and sign up here.

Want to Help?

Those ‘veteran’ TapFesters among you that would like to help us by serving a shift here or there at something pleasant like helping us at the Speakers’ product table, kindly give me a shout, we’d love to have you!

Can’t wait to see you, and meet your friends, too, welcoming them into our community of transformation!

Kindness always,

Jondi and the TapFest Team

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