An Annual Gathering

About The Event…in the Beginning

Our first annual Spring Energy Event (SEE) was held in May, 2012 at the Stonypoint retreat center in Rockland County, NY.  Sixty-six people came to co-create our inaugural event, and the feeling of accomplishment and astonishment were present in equal amounts!  Everyone agreed it was a genuine outpouring of happy respect, affection and support for this community of NE  energy workers.  (We even had some long-distance travelers: 2 from Canada, 1 from the UK, 1  from Montana and 1 from Vermont and 1 from Florida, all making the trek!)

Patterned after the famous Gathering in York, UK***, we decided to make it as accessible, affordable and content-rich as we possibly could. As such, we packed a lot into two full days and one evening of presentations on a diverse assortment of topics. I was blessed with great help from many sources, among them, Nancy Gnecco, Gene Monterastelli, Jade Barbee, Lorie Von S Brown, Lisa Porter, Annie Siegel Alexander, Jaqui Crooks and Beth Sorger. And there were many, many kindnesses and help given throughout the whole event.  It DID take a village — OURS!

The feedback onsite was unabashed appreciation; I felt so privileged and affirmed to experience this with all of you. Truly, I felt completely in my element and purpose, thank you.  It’s daunting to think of what we’ll do to top it, but we do, every year!

With the always generous help of Gene Monterastelli, a number of presentation recordings are made, and we send them out several times a year as a gift, reminding you of the awesome content and experience we shared together.  (And you’ll surely hear something you didn’t the first time around.) So enjoy each one, and then pass it along to a friend or colleague who’d appreciate it, along with an invitation to join us next year!

Last but not least, it’s my intention to spread the “TapFest” I created long ago with friends and is now worldwide, with you, and keep spreading the good news of energy work and community, to all.  I’d like you to join, and make this community thrive with cross-pollination, friendships, joint efforts and envisioning a whole new ‘healing highrise’ energy experience. You can put your events, pictures, talk to one another in the forums, and make a new friend in the world on the other side of the globe.  In this way we form that community we felt at the StonyPoint genesis of this event, and share that with the world.  My goal is to add more members that will join us in creating meaningful community.  Will you help?

Until we meet again for the next great Spring Energy Event in Florham Park, NJ, April 24-26, 2020.

You can RSVP and reserve your space, right now:

Registered members will then soon receive a reservation code for the selection of rooms (Single, Double, or more!)  Simply mention on your reservation the name of a roommate  if any, for easy matching.

Delighted you will come, join us to co-create another fabulous Spring Energy Event retreat.

In kindness and community,


*** You are welcomed and invited to join the original EFT Gathering in York, each January! You can find all the details here: