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Jondi Whitis


I’m an AAMET Certified Level 3 Trainer & Practitioner, Master Trainer and Trainer of Trainers here in the NYC area.  You can join me each month on EFT Radio for free resources, conversation and information from amazing practitioners, experts and authors working in the world of energy medicine and techniques.  It’s all part of my mission to create global community, wherever you are.

As CoFounder of TapFest, the global community site for energy practitioners, and its sister site, TappingStar, devoted to using energy work for children’s issues, I’m deeply moved and inspired by the ways we can serve and support one another in healing and hope, knowledge and empowerment, connection and community.

I hope you’ll join me and a great number of friends that have come together to from these wonderful communities. The Spring Energy Event is a TapFest, modelled after EFT Master Gwyneth Moss’ original in the UK. (That one takes place each January in York, England, and you can find out more using this link.)

Our own first annual S.E.E. – or Spring Energy Event, was met with wild enthusiasm and my team and I are working now to build an ever better one, April 17-19, 2015. Get out your calendar and mark it now, as this one will be filled, fast!

Those of you interested in my Training for Mastery classes or mentoring and assessment,  – you’ll find my listings here, or you can contact me directly:

EFT Training for Mastery classes are deep-dish, hands-on, experiential workshops for mastering the tools of the EFT toolbox.  Jondi’s signature style in presenting Everybody’s Field Tool, is in homage to EFT founder Gary’s Craig’s generous open-hand policy of giving this remarkable work to the world.  Designed to make extremely competent and confident EFT users and practitioners, all trainings meet and exceed AAMET International curriculum standards. I also offer special focus workshops for using EFT in trauma relief, for use in Social Worker settings, for working with animals and their issues, and for children, veterans, Native Americans and group leaders.

Upcoming classes include formal training and intimate intensives for these:

EFT Training for Mastery, Level 1 – Mastering the Fundamentals

EFT Training for Mastery, Level 2 – Building on Foundational Skills

EFT Training for Mastery, Level 3 – Developing the Art of Delivery

EFT Training for Mastery, Level 2: Social Worker focus – U of Connecticut, W. Hartford

Group Facilitator Workshop, Becoming A Leader

Calm & Contain Practice Essentials to Successfully DeStress

All the above classes include my specialty of integrating the EFT toolbox into practice specialities, and so are also offered as Trauma-Release, Veterans & Family PTSD-Release, and Child Focus versions.  Contact me for details, and I’ll happily bring a training to your group.

This page presently holds information about my training, mentoring and certification course tracks: