An Annual Gathering


APRIL … is around the corner! Spring!

(You DID save your place, right?)

Our 7th annual Spring Energy Event is almost here: April 5-7 we’ll be having the best practitioner retreat of the year.

Just a few more rooms are available; act now.

You’ll find your friends and like-minded tribe, new information and inspiration; receive warm support, dynamic insights and experience new modalities, all while having the best weekend retreat with comfort and fun, too. (You can see more on the pages below, on the right.)

1. Register:  Use the PayPal button below; send $50 to RSVP a ticket.

2. Next, email, with room preference (Single, Double -and with roommate name, if any, or even if you’ve assembled a group to make it a Triple occupancy). Jondi is personally making all reservations for the group using a private reservationist to keep things running more smoothly.

3. Confirm in that same email that you are arriving Friday afternoon April 5th, and departing Sunday evening the 7th, or staying over Sunday night.

Festivities begin Friday afternoon, April 5th starting at 3pm, and continue through late Sunday afternoon, April 7th, with an optional experiential workshop that’s our tradition, on Monday, April 8th, with SEE founder Jondi Whitis and Intuitive Candice Thomas.

MORE INFO on the pages to your right, belowQuestions? Let us hear from you!

Use this PayPal Button to Reserve your space for the Big Event:

                                                   SPRING  IS  COMING!!!

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