An Annual Gathering

HOOOORAAAY! They’re here!!

HOORAAAY!  The recordings from our 10th anniversary Spring Energy Event are finally here and live on archive! Thanks to the ever-amazing Gene Monterastelli, all those participants that’ve been waiting to hear your favorites again, or even ones they had to miss….it’s time! An email is being sent to the 10th anniversary list with your link […]

The 10th Anniversary Spring Energy Event: The SEE Gathering Returns! Ahhh-mazing.

The SEE 2022 FULL PROGRAM is Available! Click Here to access. ** The 10th Anniversary Spring Energy Event is ON! When?   April 1-3, 2022   –   ONLINE! $99 weekend tickets are now available How to grab your seat?  Right here:   GRAB YOUR SEAT HERE! Smart Button; uses your PayPal or any credit card : ) Even […]

The Spring Energy Event, TapFest for the next decade

A community gathering with guts and heart! That’s us!  Once a year we gather together. In community, a weekend designed FOR us, BY us and TO us.   Join us, April 16-18. We’re making our way out of the uncharted territory of a COVID-fueled 2020.  There we found strange new times where our services were […]