An Annual Gathering

2020 Vision

                            S.E.E. is a Gathering for Meaningful Connection   We gather again, April 24-26, 2020  Now we are 8!!!   Our vision, creating an evolving community of connection, growth and support, was conceived from the beginning to be organically grown each year into […]

NEXT WEEKEND!!!! May 13-16, It Begins!

  We’re back together again, this Friday!  A whole year since we’ve met this way, and so much to tell, share and connect about. Its all about the power of CONNECTION we gift to one another in COMMUNITY. Who will you see there?  Your best friend, respected colleagues, people you always hoped to meet.  Amazing, […]

Uncovering Limiting Beliefs Made Easier w/ Linda Wood

November’s Spring Energy Event recording features EFT practitioner expert LINDA WOOD,  sharing her innovative 4-part discovery protocol for uncorking those limiting beliefs faster and easier.