An Annual Gathering

NEXT WEEKEND!!!! May 13-16, It Begins!


images-17We’re back together again, this Friday!  A whole year since we’ve met this way, and so much to tell, share and connect about.

Its all about the power of CONNECTION we gift to one another in COMMUNITY.

Who will you see there?  Your best friend, respected colleagues, people you always hoped to meet.  Amazing, expert energy workers and healers.  A great new addition to your posse.  The person who changed everything for you.  The ideas that ignited your work.

It’s finally time to fuel up your tanks and your heart, Friday, May 13,  in the budding beauty of the Catskills.  Spend the weekend receiving, relaxing and rejuvenating among amazing presenters from many different branches of healing energy work.  This weekend is the gift we give ourselves.

An AMAZING LINE-UP awaits you, as always…and only a few rooms are left, so if you haven’t grabbed one, now is the time.  The event code is 1103X5.  

It all kicks off Friday afternoon, May 13th, at 3, ramping up with activities and groups, circles, presentations and workshops.  Check out the schedule (on your far right hand side) for the whole weekend!

Our traditional stay-over Monday workshop is back, too, hosted by Jondi Whitis & Kris Ferraro, on transformational flow, called Destination: Transformation.

Fabulous work, friends and food await you.

ALL THE INFORMATION YOU’LL NEED IS TO THE RIGHT, in 2016 Details & Transportation, etc. tabs.

SPRING ENERGY EVENT is an homage to the original EFT gathering in York, England, and to all the generosity shown its host Jondi Whitis by Gary Craig, her mentors CJ Puotinen and Gwyneth Moss, and the hundreds of energy experts she’s met over the journey that all lent a helping hand, beginning with Nancy Gnecco!  This is paying it forward, with gusto and pleasure and a vision of what we can all be, in community, supporting one another.

The generosity of others before us, and the vision of carrying this forward for all, is what drives this non-commercial event and creates such synergy and high-resonance community.  

Come, see, bring another.  Create conscious community, together.

Alison Morris * Laura Mazza Gonick * Nancy Gnecco * Ann Adams * Gunilla Hamme & Ulf Sandstrom  * David Kanosh  * Eric Huurre * Harry Pickens   *  Gene Monterastelli  *  Jondi   *    Mary Taylor   * Kris Ferraro  * Deborah Donndelinger   * Kelly Roughton  * Ted Robinson  * Jill Greenbaum  *  Ingrid Dinter  * Marilyn McWilliams  * Bonnie Durkin * Alicia North  *  and a host of amazing hearted healers at the Veterans’ Roundtable, too!