An Annual Gathering

The S.E.E. Story – The How & Why We Built It

Connecting the Dots…

Inspiration + Film/TV + Photography + Tapping + Teaching…. and The Spirit of Paying It Forward

What do these things have in common with The Spring Energy Event and the meaning of community?

To connect those dots, I have to look backwards to appreciate how the Universe lined up the perfect set of events that would make the creation of S.E.E. inevitable.

Here’s what I mean:  Inspiration comes to us all the time.  And sometimes, if we’re ready to see it, we do….and then put it to good use in the world.  I like to think the Spring Energy Event is one of those times.

Once upon time in New York City… I was a Film & TV producer.  During one of the worst jobs of my life, I met an extraordinary person who would unknowingly set this adventure into motion. Together with his beautiful assistant Virginia, that seemed to take care of everything, they documented a first-ever venture with the USSR.  Like me, they were pretty fed up with the common delays and ridiculous demands and conditions of those at the top.  We bonded.  And within just a few months I was seated in an old Borsch Belt hotel in the Catskills, part of an intrepid team that would create the only merit-driven photojournalist mentoring workshop in the world.

Now in its 32nd year, I’m recalling how that passionate  community had come about.  Disgusted by the hard-sell commercial ‘workshops’ that didn’t deliver on their promises to actually teach and mentor would-be photojournalists for the future, the husband and wife team of Eddie Adams and Alyssa Atkins had a radical idea: the only way to defeat them was to beat them at their own game, by building a better model, and making it free. And so it was. The Eddie Adams Workshop became the collective pride & joy, and catalyst for the future of photojournalists. I was blessed to be included, and spent several  happy years helping it grow and producing the documentary of its birth.

Skip to another lifetime, or so it seems, as a mom in CT struggling with an allergy to suburbs and a sweet, sensitive child who’d suddenly gone silent and remote. That was me, growing more desperate by the day to find out what ailed my child and what I could possibly do to fix it. Desperation had led me through my own talented Acupuncturist and Chiropractor to a variety of new, holistic techniques called ‘energy work.’   My favorite among them would be collectively called Tapping. And it would lay the foundation for my future.

Escaping back to NYC, I had all but worn out the CDs of one Gary Craig, who’d reverse-engineered an elegant protocol called EFT.  I couldn’t get enough of his effortless style and rapid results, that helped people with everything from feeling worry, fear or guilt…all the way to all manner of physical issues. While those videos were in circulation, it was estimated over 8 million people heard his holistic healing message. And he gave it away to the world for free.

I was hooked, and profoundly grateful to finally find an in-person teacher for my new passion, CJ Puotinen. She conducted weekend workshops we named ‘wizard camp,’ for her amazing ability to teach us how to transform almost any obstacle with EFT and other energy work. And she did it for donations to her visiting pet program.  I was lucky enough to get it – I’d become a part of a thing called community, and Tapping just happened to be our common denominator .

My passion for continuing education soon led me to one of the original EFT Masters, Gwyneth Moss, of northern England. A Cambridge-educated physicist, she hailed from a family of instructors, and taught me even deeper levels of applying EFT, and over the years, how to effectively teach others. And then she taught me by example, to create community.  She called it The EFT Gathering, an annual, non-commercial event in Yorkshire, that continues to this day.

And then one day, it all came together like a ton of bricks!  I connected the dots.  There had been a long line of blessings, serendipity, generous and talented friends, and inspiring events I had been privileged to witness and then belong.  And the spirit of Pay it Forward finally dawned on me.  It was my turn to create events that would create sustainable, inspired community. And 8 years later, the Spring Energy Event opens its doors each April, for an urban retreat weekend that creates and sustains a community of talent, skills, connection and support.

And now it’s your turn.  You can join us and feel the power of real community coming through our time together.  There’s a Reserve Your Place button, right here:

I’ll see you soon,


Host, The Spring Energy Event