An Annual Gathering

Gene Monterastelli: Clearing the Habits Our Core Issues Made

Enjoy this month’s recording, then pass along to a friend or colleague.  My dear friend, frequent coach and colleague Gene Monterastelli does yet another masterful job of reminding us that there’s a lot of territory between clearing an issue and the coping strategies we developed around the issue.  Gene brings such clarity and focus to […]

Ice, Snow and February’s Br-r-r-r-r-r–r-r Will Be Gone Soon!

It’s getting closer and closer! (And your new recording is here, too!) Our annual Spring Energy Event is April 17-19, in Callicoon, NY Have you seen the great line-up coming to meet you? We are making good on this year’s theme of E-X-P-A-N-D, in every way you can think of that!  Exciting, expert presenters are […]

Uncovering Limiting Beliefs Made Easier w/ Linda Wood

November’s Spring Energy Event recording features EFT practitioner expert LINDA WOOD,  sharing her innovative 4-part discovery protocol for uncorking those limiting beliefs faster and easier.

Making A Real Difference In Your Practice – Gene Monterastelli

Spring Energy Event welcomes you back from Summer pursuits with the wise counsel and wit of Gene Monterastelli. Ever wonder if what you’re tapping for is the right thing?  Especially when it comes to taking the right kind of action to put your business into high gear, and get something accomplished? Gene puts it all […]

August! And we’ve got Gwyneth Moss, EFT-M

Hello, tapping community!  Hope your Summer is most excellent. It’s that time again – time for another fine recording from our Spring Energy Event.  This month we visit EFT Master Gwyneth Moss, who brings us a tried and true method of tapping with (or for) others.  Called Surrogate Tapping, to do this is sublime for […]

July Recording Of The Month – Dr. Henry Grayson

Happy July! Dr. HENRY GRAYSON joins us this month, speaking on recovering your Limitless Self.  What I love most about Henry is that he brings new wisdom    on heart-centered adaptations to energy work.  This  time around, he is asking if you ever find yourself feeling  powerless or  overwhelmed?  (Well…yes! I do!  How about  you?)

June Recording Of The Month – Kristen Ferraro

KRISTEN FERRARO joined us for the 2014 Spring Energy Event, and knocked it out of the park!  Here we have her recording for not only those who were unable to come, but the many who have asked to hear it again! Kris is a masterful presenter, and speaks her resonating truth about Spirit, and the […]

Recording Of The Month: Dr. Henry Grayson

Dr. Henry Grayson, author of several books, including Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release all Barriers to Healing, Health & Happiness. He’s also  Founder & Chairman Emeritus of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, in NYC. Henry spoke at the 2013 Spring Energy Event on his energy adaptation, EFT-A. It’s […]

Recording of the Month: Gene Monterastelli

Gene Monterastelli, Practitioner and Editor of the abundant resource site, www.TappingQandA, is featured on this recording from 2013.  Gene’s expertise and presentation skills are always a favorite, so settle in and listen for a real treat, as Gene talks about Self-Sabotage, something that gets in everyone’s way, and can be hard to detect and defeat. Gene’ll […]

EmoTrance: Creating the Life You’ve Dreamed Of, with Terry Lynch, Ph.D

Here’s this month’s recording from the Spring Energy Event, 2013.  Listen, enjoy and pass along to a friend you want to bring to this year’s event!  You can reach Terry Lynch here: Don’t forget to sign up for the Spring Energy Event 2014; all the details are on the post titled GUESS WHO’S COMING […]