An Annual Gathering

Gene Monterastelli: Clearing the Habits Our Core Issues Made

IMG_1073Enjoy this month’s recording, then pass along to a friend or colleague.  My dear friend, frequent coach and colleague Gene Monterastelli does yet another masterful job of reminding us that there’s a lot of territory between clearing an issue and the coping strategies we developed around the issue.  Gene brings such clarity and focus to any area you can bring to him, and that’s what makes him and his superb website TappingQandA such a fantastic blessing and resource.  If you’re not already, sign up to receive his chock-full newsletters and podcasts, including his underusing comprehensive monthly membership, Ruah, which gives you x for pennies.  Check it out, and give Gene a shout to let him know how much you appreciate all he does for this community.  


WHO’s COMING THIS YEAR?    Kelly Roughton is coming from Canada!  Sue Busen is coming from Chicago!  Gunilla Hamme is coming from Kenya by Skype!  Harry Pickens is coming from Kentucky!  Laura Mazza Gonick is coming from Massachusetts!  And more more more….stay tuned.


You ARE signed up for the 2016 Spring Energy Event, aren’t you?  Bringing a friend or colleague, too?   Our special event code to use when making your reservation is here:  1103X5    : )