An Annual Gathering

Gene Monterastelli: Clearing the Habits Our Core Issues Made

Enjoy this month’s recording, then pass along to a friend or colleague.  My dear friend, frequent coach and colleague Gene Monterastelli does yet another masterful job of reminding us that there’s a lot of territory between clearing an issue and the coping strategies we developed around the issue.  Gene brings such clarity and focus to […]

Recording Of The Month: Dr. Henry Grayson

Dr. Henry Grayson, author of several books, including Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release all Barriers to Healing, Health & Happiness. He’s also  Founder & Chairman Emeritus of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, in NYC. Henry spoke at the 2013 Spring Energy Event on his energy adaptation, EFT-A. It’s […]

Summer Pleasures Start Here – Recording is Up!

JUNE!  And here for your Summer listening pleasure, are the recordings from our 2014 Spring Energy Event.  This month, we revisit Kris Ferraro, who spoke so compellingly about the re-integration of spirit into our daily lives, purpose and practices.  Enjoy, and please drop her a line to tell her so!        KRIS FERRARO […]

Rejuvenate, ReConnect and Retreat With Us

  Last Chance! On Friday, It All Begins… Still a few spaces left – 800.727.8455 Ext. 1 Just coming for the day?  Ask for Tiffany at the reservations desk number, above. (You must reserve for the program and food through the same number.) Pre-Program starts at 4pm Friday; Conference begins at 9am sharp Saturday and […]

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UpComing Events You’ll Love!

MONDAY, April 7th, join EFT Master Gwyneth Moss for a rare NY appearance.  Following the SPRING ENERGY EVENT, she is offering a master class in Creative & Advanced EFT at a special rate of only $145.  If you’re a guest in the resort from Spring Energy Event, the hotel also has a special stay-over-for-Gwyneth rate […]