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Summer Pleasures Start Here – Recording is Up!

JUNE!  And here for your Summer listening pleasure, are the recordings from our 2014 Spring Energy Event.  This month, we revisit Kris Ferraro, who spoke so compellingly about the re-integration of spirit into our daily lives, purpose and practices.  Enjoy, and please drop her a line to tell her so!

Kris_Ferraro_headshot_SEE_3       KRIS FERRARO

What does she talk about in this recording?

– Kris encourages us to all embrace our Oneness by consciously developing a strong relationship with the Universe, as she sees this as the healing power in our sessions, so and it’s an important conversation for energists to be having.
-Ultimately, Kris holds that developing this relationship not only greatly benefits our lives and the lives of our clients, but it helps us grow into change agents in the world, and a source of divine solutions
-She asks us to look at where we feel separate from others and to release the energetic blocks we have about “them”, or the other, anyone who feels apart from us.  She includes a personal story about a bias she released and how that helped her to be in greater service to a client
-Kris talks about the “Tell” versus “Ask” models of communicating with the Universe, both the benefits,  as well as where we can get tripped up when telling the Universe what we want to have and experience.
-As an example of this “Ask” model for getting answers she’s talking about, she leads a Visioning exercise, a process created by Rev. Michael Beckwith, that she combines with tapping for greater receptivity.

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You can hear more from Kris here, with this handy link to her website audios:


And here’s a PDF of the hand-out from her presentation at S.E.E., 2014, One Love: Partnering With Spirit in Your Practice:

SEE_Kris Ferraro_Partnering with Spirit_handout

Thanks, Kris!  We so appreciate you, and your support of our energy workers community.

This is Jondi, your Spring Energy Event host, saying ‘keep tapping!,’ and I’ll see you next month with another great recording!


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