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Making A Real Difference In Your Practice – Gene Monterastelli

Gene's Smiling Face

Gene’s Smiling Face

Spring Energy Event welcomes you back from Summer pursuits with the wise counsel and wit of Gene Monterastelli. Ever wonder if what you’re tapping for is the right thing?  Especially when it comes to taking the right kind of action to put your business into high gear, and get something accomplished?

Gene puts it all into perspective for you, with just the right amount of humor and easy-to-follow directions to make this process smooth and flowing.

You might also like to take a look at his content rich site, chock full of podcasts and even a resource center that puts Gene in your ear several times a month, and puts you on the path to meaningful action:

Gene included his talk as part of the TappingQ&A Podcast. Listen to his podcast which includes his full talk:

Gene’s talk [Download]

Notes from the talk’s handout for can be found below.

THE  ORIGINAL  GATHERING….is in York, United Kingdom You can join some of your favorites there, this January!  Jump across the pond with Gene Monterastelli, Jondi Whitis & Kristen Ferraro as we Yanks invade the Brits in their own backyard!  That’s right, the 3 of us will be presenting at this year’s Gathering in York, and tickets are available to all.  Here’s the link to read all about it,  then sign up to join us, below:


The original GATHERING, 2015 in York, U.K. (register here)


SHOUT OUT:   One of our own community, Monique Allen, has published her book, and we’re proud to tell you about it.  Called A Dual Path: Sacred Practices & BodyWork, it’s available now with this handy link:  Monique’s new Book    


Our own Spring Energy Event will be here before you know it!

Our 2015  dates are April 17-19, and we hope you’ll be joining us, bring along some friends that missed out last year!   We’ll be back at the Villa Roma, in Callicoon, NY, with even more program, surprise guests and goodies for all.  So grab a friend or two and mark those calendars, NOW.  : )

Soon you’ll receive the itinerary and direct online link codes for signing up – even easier than last year!

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###    GENE’S HANDOUT is Here: Print it out and follow along:    ###

When are we motivated to take action?

  • Close to goal
    • doesn’t have to be the big goal, but it is it seems easy to achieve
  • In lots of pain

When are we not motivated to take action?

  • Tolerable middle

Two Types of Tapping

  • First Aid
    • feel better/less pain
    • feel in the moment
    • feel relaxed
  • Action
    • feel energized
    • feel driven
    • see possibilities

Tapping for first aid leads to relief and pause.

Tapping for action leads to action.

Part 2: 9 Immutable Laws Of Taking Action

1) If it wasn’t for resistance to change, the change would have already happened.

2) You can’t think your way out of an irrational fear.

3) The problem is not the problem (most of the time).

  • Four reasons we don’t take action
    • don’t know what we want
    • don’t know how to do it
    • hurts to do it
    • hurts to be successful
  • First two might be the problem
  • Second two aren’t the problem

4) Fear is not the enemy. Misinformed and disproportionate fears are.

5) Change what you fear, change how you act.

  • If you are free of fear you don’t have to prioritize your to-do list.

6) The challenge to change is inertia.

  • The shit we know is better than the shit we don’t know.

7) When we are resource poor we will make emotional choices.

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive

8) The people in our lives want us to change for the better as long they don’t have to change.

9) You don’t need to be be fearless. You need to be fearless-ish.

Part 3: 4 Ways To Tap For Action

Tap for to-do list.

Tap for the four reasons we don’t take action

  • Ask yourself:
    • What is unclear about my goal?
    • What don’t I know how to do?
    • What would/could go wrong if I took action?
    • What would/could go wrong if I succeeded?
  • Look at:
    • practical
    • emotional

How To Tap To Action (The Great Visualization Hoax)

  • See yourself trying to do what you want, encountering obstacles, and see yourself overcome the obstacles.

Tap On Not Needing To Be Perfect

  • Perfectionism is the arch enemy of action
  • Perfectionism is nothing more than over-functioning fear