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July Recording Of The Month – Dr. Henry Grayson

Happy July!

Dr. HENRY GRAYSON joins us this month, speaking on recovering your Limitless Self.

Henry Grayson Press Photo 2010 What I love most about Henry is that he brings new wisdom    on heart-centered adaptations to energy work.  This  time around, he is asking if you ever find yourself feeling  powerless or  overwhelmed?  (Well…yes! I do!  How about  you?)

So what do we do about that?  And how about the daily stressors of business or money or relationships, especially those times when you can’t seem to find your unique sense of self to guide you? Are you even a little confused from time to time about where you can find your own True Self?

Dr. Grayson’s signature style is reassuring, loving insights, that help identify and unblock  new and creative pathways to embrace our intrinsic power, that of our True Selves.


Dr. Henry Grayson [Download]

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Dr. Grayson is a psychotherapist, author and founder of the National Institute for PsychoTherapies in NYC.