An Annual Gathering

The Spring Energy Event community gathering

It’s NOT too early to reserve your spot for next year!

It’s Always Been About Connection. 


Info on SEE 2020, here:

               (A few places left)

And the 2020 SEE gathering created a big change for our community event during the Covid crisis, we’re going LIVE, Online!       4/25-26

Connection, even in isolation.  And not just any connection.  It’s about really being seen, supported and uplifted by community.  It’s about feeling inspired to grow.  It’s about feeling safe to be yourself, solid in your authentic gifts, skills, tools and sharing that with the world.  It’s about integrating what you know into your biggest vision of yourself and the healing arts you came into this world to offer.

NOW YOU CAN HAVE THAT, TOO.  Now you can join us from wherever you are, April 25-26, 2020.

As we are on a digital platform, we have some tickets available, now.  You can claim one, below, using the PayPal button.

This year’s event is live, instead of in-person.  If you have questions, please check the information listed below, and on separate pages below.  Still need help?  Go here:


  • How to Join us: The event costs $50; the PayPal link is below and registered attendees will be receiving more information soon about the log-in, etc.
  • When? The event runs from 9am-6pm Saturday. April 25 and 9am-4pm on Sunday April 26th, all EST (Eastern Standard Time)
  • There will be plenty of breaks so you can enjoy it all, and the full schedule is below, on your right, 2020 SEE Schedule
  • Who? The 2020 Presenters listing is on the page below, to your right.  All who practice energy healing work are welcome.

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Join your host Jondi Whitis and a huge group of incredible friends and colleagues that spend one weekend each year in urban retreat, celebrating new, innovative…diving deeply into the classic tried and true with new insights and adaptations…encountering new leaders, new ideas and and new connections, from social to intellectual. And for the first time ever, we’re doing it live, on a large digital platform.

This year you will see live, right in your own home, the following special guests…

  • Visionary psychologist Dr. David Gruder
  • Eden Energy Medicine’s COL. VALERIE RICE, and SAMANTHA ABRAHAM with Jin Shin Juyut
  • suspeaker, minister and author KRIS FERRARO
  • the Editor of the awesome TappingQandA.comGENE MONTERASTELLI
  • psychologist and learning specialist Dr. Joe Schippa
  • dancer/body Coach HELENA BERGGREN
  • hear Master Trainer of Trainers, practitioner and author CJ PUOTINEN
  • the dynamic duo CRAIG WEINER & ALINA FRANK of the EFT MBA
  • HARRY PICKENS, coach, trainer and extraordinary musician.
  • You’ll find multi-talented therapist, minister and sound healing artist Greg Carpenter, and the Veteran,  Practitioner featured in After Fire,  VALERIE SULLIVAN
  • psychologist and psychoanalyst; PESI star Robin Bilazarian
  • hear from teacher and traveler MAURA FINN
  • marketing maven LEE UEHARA
  • special remembrances and presentations by nurse and practitioner PEGGY MANGAN, HELENA BERGGREN, and yes, Jondi, too : )

All this and raffles, too!  You did reserve your place, right?


And on MONDAY, April 27th, you can joins us for our very special guest workshop, by Dr. David Gruder.

                Here is what we’ll learn, together:

Making Integrity Profitable: 
An evolutionary, integrity-centric roadmap to becoming a Human Potential Leader in 2020

Our need for repair is urgent:
Societal divisiveness, political polarization, and media mindjacking Are behind a significant rise in client distress. And with it, our own.
How do we make a difference in such a time and environment? How do we serve a highly stressed clientele, when we ourselves are highly distressed?  And how do we make a meaningful living with integrity  during these times, from our gifts, skills and training?

If you want to make a bigger difference in the 2020s without sacrificing your integrity, financial well-being or life balance, make plans now to attend this one-of-a-kind program.  April 27th, 10-3, the day after the Spring Energy Event 2020.  This is a live, digital event, 10-3.  Details here:


This year’s event is live, instead of in-person.  If you have questions, please check the 
information listed on the pages below, on your right.  Still need help?  Go here: