An Annual Gathering

Just Days From Now…we meet again…you are coming, aren’t you?

We’re just days away from our once a year spectacular…

Our annual energy practitioner event, the  community-building, learning, support & rejuvenation experience, is almost here.

Each year, an amazing amount of wisdom and experience takes time from their own practices to come and build a community of healing energy work.  They freely offer this as their pay-it-forward gift to you, so that you might be uplifted, supported and enriched in your own lives and unique services to the world.

As we are given this gift, we pass it on, too. Inviting others to share this transforming weekend with us is an easy way to do it.  And if you’ve been with us before, you are uniquely qualified to tell them how it feels, what’s in it for them, and what it’s meant to you that keeps you coming back.  Don’t forget clients, too, especially those you’ve only known by SKYPE – it’s a real treat to meet someone you appreciate in person!  Likewise, folks we’ve ‘known forever’ are so much fun to finally meet, face-to-face, which another great feature of our Spring gathering.

Here’s our link for RSVP; if you haven’t reserved your space yet, please do so quickly, as there is a limited number we can accommodate; use the blue banner box called Make a Reservation.  Use our code, 10T7PN.

Can’t figure out how to tell someone what this is like?  John Staples and I just did a lovely interview about this phenomenal weekend, and it’ll be released next week on internet radio and podcast.  This is a great pass-along recording to anyone who’s interested in what we’re doing, and ‘what’s in it for them.’  I’ll send that to you as soon as I get the link.

I need to know…  who’s coming on Friday? I am hopeful that, by providing a slew of relaxing, fun and interesting things to do on Friday that you’ll come early, begin de-compressing from your everyday life, and let the rejuvenation begin to flow within you!   I especially need a headcount, for our private Woodstock Museum tour and lunch with its historian Duke Devlin.  This is a 12:30 meet-up with 1:00 tour and lunch.  RSVP quickly, please, and directly to

In the meantime, please check out the FULL PROGRAM; you can start deciding now between the array of presentation choices. Next, simply print out your copy of the SCHEDULE, circle your choices, and bring it with you. Remember, the entire conference weekend* is yours for the price of lodging and food and space.  Here’s the link and the code: Click here:
ReserveMySpace  (Simply scroll down to the blue banner marked Make A Reservation, and enter our special code, 10T7PNfor our custom rate that includes all program costs, luscious food and lodging in an all-incompassing hotel complex, with an indoor gym and swimming pool and lovely hillside woods.  Let’s celebrate Spring, together, energizing and expanding your 2015 possibilities!

* If you only wish to come during the day, or only for one of the days, simply use our special code, 10T7PN, when you call the reservations desk, 800-533-6767, and tell her you’d like to pay for just the day(s) you can come – essentially it’s the costs for food, space, handouts.

Please don’t forget:  Email or tell a friend or colleague to come join you for this incredible weekend; you can mail them a copy of the program, here.  You may also send out via your newsletter, advertising your presence here so that your readers can meet you in person!

Stay tuned for the interview with John Staples; I think you’ll love hearing it, and sharing with someone who can benefit from what we do here, each year!

And Don’t Forget…  
We’re celebrating the return of EFT Master Jacqui Crooks to our gathering, both as a presenter, 
AND her terrific new workshop, Coming Home to Yourself that takes place on Monday, 4-20, after the main event.  You can relax and stay over for this wonderful opportunity to work ‘up close & personally’ with Jacqui. I’m going, wouldn’t miss this opportunity!  And delight is guaranteed!  Special rates have been negotiated for you, both in lodging and for the 930-400 workshop. 

Here’s the direct sign-up and information on it.

Building and creating our ‘community of transformation’ is what keeps me going. And from the feedback, it sustains you, too!  I can’t wait to see you – 

Jondi & The TapFest/Spring EnergyEvent Team

MORE?  You want MORE?

We got lucky this year – not only did we get John Staples to come and join us for the popular-demand Introduction to HeartMath, but we also got him to consent to stay long enough to tell us about his other current fascination, a system that unites the meridian system of traditional Chinese Medicine and quantum wave theory, providing the first comprehensive link between the human body’s biochemistry and bioenergetics.     John Staples  He’ll talk about Infoceuticals – water infused with organic colloidal minerals that is imprinted with corrective quantum electrodynamic information – to remedy distortions and blockages in the information flow of the body-field.  The imprinted information acts as a magnetic signpost to engage the body’s self-healing ability.  It’s a fascinating new frontier of science that lives well within the energetic dynamic we’re all working with.  John will demo the scanned human body field concept and analysis for us in this introductory workshop.

images-1COMING HOME TO YOURSELF, with EFT Master Jacqui Crooks.  

This workshop is designed to allow you to let go of the old patterns of thought and behavior that you’re carrying, that may not even have been yours in the first place and that are holding you back, keeping you small. All the old family beliefs and strategies, all the past life beliefs and decisions that you brought with you into this life.
It’s about getting into contact with all those parts of yourself that split off, or shut down for safety, so long ago and inviting them to come and rejoin with you, so you can become your whole self again.
It’s about connecting with the eternal part of you that knows exactly who you are and why you’re here and allowing it to provide you with new guidance systems, so that you can safely and joyfully come home to yourself and can share that beauty and wonder that is you, with the world.
We, in the world, need you and all you have to offercome and connect to your shining self and be amazed at how easy it is to go out and live your authentic life. More information is here:
Sign Up Now, Space is Limited, and special discounted pricing & food rates are waiting for you at the VillaRoma; call them to extend your stay at 800-533-6767

Are you my kind of peeps?!? : )
It’s taken me a while to realize that my signature style of training is a true joy for me, but it’s been revelatory to sink into the deep and profound understanding that my utmost service is to those who are looking to harness their healing intentions to the essence of who they really are, integrating these energy tools creatively, passionately and courageously, into their lives and their healing practice or services. I call it, ‘finding the courage to listen and live from the heart.  Can you help me find my peeps?  If you have friends or colleagues that could use this signature style of EFT and training passion, send them my way!  I’m looking forward to having some great conversations with you about this in April!
Can’t wait to get started?  Write me now: