An Annual Gathering

A Valentine For You – The Heart of EFT


This month’s recording is from me, your host and chief instigator here at our annual gathering, the Spring Energy Event.  I hope you enjoy this heartfelt recording, and pass it along to another if it blessed you.

My book, by the same name, comes out in time for this year’s gathering, May 13-15. I hope to see you there.  Save your place here, or call the reservations desk, 800-   Our event code, which includes all food, lodging, program and fun, is 1103X5.  Great deal: bring a friend and room together.  Even better deal: grab several friends for one of the spacious, cushy suites and make it a party!

An Amazing Line-Up is Coming This Year

(you already reserved your place, didn’t you?!?)

This year’s theme is FLOW….  You’ll be hearing that theme woven into amazing concepts from experts in every area of healing and energy work —  things like The Art of Practitioner Self-Care, Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin is the Key to Authentic ActionIntegrating & Improvising Your Gifts and Skills, The Wisdom of Horse Energy, Harnessing Creative Intelligence,  Authentically Harnessing Your Inner Wisdom in Marketing,  New Paradigms in Parts Work and much, much more!!  Stay tuned, and of course, save your place now.


And in other news:

Kathilyn Solomon completed her long awaited book, Tapping Into Wellness,

and Ann Adams is teaming up with Jondi Whitis and EFT-Founding Master Nancy Gnecco for a first-time-ever 3-Trainer, 3-day, EFT Level 3!  Details here.