An Annual Gathering

SUMMER… finally!

Hope this Summer finds you in a place that makes you happy and lovingly restores you. I chose this picture because it reminds me of the love I have for Fire Island.  Years ago I spent very happy days there, savoring the feeling of an entire island you could experience with bare feet and a red wagon.  No cars, no traffic, and the blissful, childlike  feeling that nothing could or would go wrong, and the notion that a Summer was like the sky, endless.

Fire Island

Practitioner John Fiore set up shop down on the shore, and we had a Jersey Taps! gathering right there.  So what is your community doing?

Soon you’ll be getting another great SEE recording; I’ll happily put your next community group meeting at the bottom, if you send it in soon!

Kind regards always, Jondi

Founder & Host,  the Spring Energy Event