An Annual Gathering

The 2017 Spring Energy Event Gathering

jondi-spring-021516-72-1As EFT Practitioner and Hawaiian artist Angela Treat Lyon creates a new ‘2017’ image for us, it’s time to post our plans!  This year we’re meeting close to NYC, hoping this allows many more folks to come and join us in community.

APRIL  21-23, 2017   JOIN  US  IN  NEW  JERSEY!

This year we’ll be in Florham Park, NJ, near Morristown and close to Newark Airport.  (Which of course means close to ALL the NYC bridges, tunnels and airports!)  The Wyndham Hamilton Park Hotel is hosting our gathering this year.

We’ve set aside a block of rooms, at a special price that accommodates all your meals, and meeting expenses.  As always, YOU get a full weekend of community connection, learning, inspiration, encouragement and support.  Mark your calendars now; commit to not letting anything interfere with the one time a year we gather in conscious community.  April 21-23, 2017.

Next, save your space now, as there are only so many weekend packages at these rates:    As always, the intention is to come on Friday with a friend, stay for the weekend, without interruption, traffic, clocks or distraction. We’ll have great options for you to do, sample, experience and enjoy all weekend long.

We have a direct, personal contact at the hotel for your reservations:  This information and rate structure is NOT available online or with the standard hotel reservationist.

You’ll see our fabulous collection of presenters in the newsletter.   IF YOU HAVEN’T GOT THE NEWSLETTER, for goodness sakes’ sign up for it, above, right.  (Free, of course.)

Kind regards and great anticipation always!   – Jondi

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