An Annual Gathering

The Whole Idea of Community Retreat

…is to be with one another, IN community.   SO for the last 4 years, and soon to be 5, the Spring Energy Event continues to provide the means for a wide-ranging, like-minded community to come together in non-commercial support, learning, nurture and developmental growth.

Originally conceived by Jondi Whitis in homage to her mentors EFT Master Gwyneth Moss (who created the original Gathering, in northern England) and Master Trainer of Trainers CJ Puotinen (her Tolstoy gatherings were famous; she returns this year as a presenter and workshop provider).  The idea was to stop the everyday rushing, serving, giving…and come to rest, in the company of the like-minded, and receive from one another.  NOT a networking event where no one’s listening and everyone’s trying to make money off the attendees, not a commercial money-making event for the promoters, and not another weekend seminar of information cramming or CEUs.

      Instead?  Community.  Real community.

What does that look like?  Mean to you?  How does it benefit you?  And what would happen if you simply allowed yourself to come and rest and receive, just once a year?       Details are all on your right:


 The fact that we have to even discuss it validates our rush-rush-go-go lifestyle.  And we all know its cost.  And yet we keep doing it.

Good news:  Here’s your once a year chance to get off the merry go-round and re-prioritize our lives and values, for those of community, growth, support and expansion.

  This year’s theme is E-X-P-A-N-D.

Expand your horizons, possibilities, knowledge and community, all in one weekend, conveniently located this year near Newark International Airport in NJ. All the details are on the pages over to your right (or at bottom, on mobile apps).

Grab a friend or colleague and come to the annual retreat. Great package deal for you already negotiated that includes terrific weekend program for at-cost expenses only –  lovely room, food, snacks and all meeting room expenses.

Now Enjoy One of Our Recordings from previous Spring Energy Events:  Ange Finn & Anne Robbins


More to come!  Grab your seat for the 2017 Spring Energy Event before they’re all gone!  Limited packages at this rate still left. (Only deposit is needed now to hold your space.)  Choose your package from details at right, then email with your selection and phone number to reserve your place.  Once-a-year is almost here!

NOW is the time to enjoy the Spring Energy Event conference for free; next year we begin charging for the event, in acknowledgment of the hosts, workers and presenters for their service and travel expenses to bring you this remarkable weekend of wisdom.