An Annual Gathering

JUNE! And Summer Begins, With More Gifts!

THIS MONTH’S RECORDING is by Jondi Whitis, the host of Spring Energy Event. It’s a short and earnest talk about what the idea and reality of community can do for you, for us, and even for a nation. Trust in the power of our collective intention; this is a good jump-start.  Enjoy, and please pass along to someone who could use the boost and good news:



LOTS is going on, which hopefully you received in your last Spring Energy Event newsletter.  If you didn’t receive one on June 7th, please use button above, at top right, to capture your email. You can also contact me directly for the June scoop – I will re-send the entire email to you, with all the news, free stuff, and upcoming events you’ll want to know about! : )

I’m working with the lovely Florham Park Wyndham to make our 2018 event, always better and more deeply resonant and useful.  This year we’re looking at April 13-15 or 20-22, so stand-by, pencil in those dates, and then grab your place to make this your priority gift to yourself for the year!