An Annual Gathering

Can We Talk About The Spaces Between Us?

Greetings from SEE; while you’re traveling the highways and by-ways that vacation time brings, we thought it’d be a good time to talk about the ‘spaces between us.’  Some are deliberately built, and others just ‘grow’ as we go our separate ways.  Nowhere is this a more crucial topic though, than with our children.  Consciousness of this NOW will bring rewards for a lifetime.

This month, SEE is delighted to bring you Jamie Moniak, a superb therapist in Hershey, PA that specializes in children, play and animal therapies. Listening to this recording of her 2018 presentation will go a long way towards explaining why she has a wait-list practice.  Jamie’s kind compassion and brilliant insights shine through her presentation; she is talking about the relationships we create (or neglect) in communicating with our children.  We’re sure you will enjoy this as much as we did, so without further comment, Jamie Moniak:

You might want to drop Jamie a line and let her know how much you appreciated that; here is her email:

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