An Annual Gathering

FALL is for Reflection

Can you feel the change of season in the air? The energy of change and transition?  Today while walking down the streets of New York I was reveling in the warmth of the sun, but feeling the electricity in the air.  Its the energy that we’re feeling, responding to.  It refuels me, makes me happy, quickens my pace, and feels like… anticipation!  How does it affect you?

In celebration of all that Fall energy, I am offering you a wonderful visit with my friend Dr. Lori Eanes, D.O. of New Mexico. She integrates the concepts and modalities of traditional medicine with modern energy and spiritual forms, putting the humane back into healthcare.

Her presentation was the hands-down winner at this year’s Spring Energy Event.  If you missed it, good news!  You can hear it, right here:


Our next Spring Energy Event will be April 5-7, 2019   As always, the same amazing non-commercial community event.  And again, only a $50 reserve registration.

You can register today, and save your spot; 3 simple steps:

  1. Email me,, and say YES~ I’m In!
  2. Send $50 through PayPal to the link I will send you in reply
  3. Mark off April 5-7 in your 2019 calendar

As you’ve come to expect, the lovely hotel ballroom and accommodations, terrific meals and snacks will be along the same lines as always, and reflect  the costs of the event space itself.

Please enjoy all of our recordings, in the meantime!

Upcoming events you might also enjoy are the monthly online mentoring call at noon, Oct 22nd and the Level 3+ Advanced & Creative Tapping near Chicago, Nov. 3/4.  And there’s a free online Introduction to Tapping call on Oct. 12th for your friends and colleagues curious about EFT; pass the word!

Kind regards always,