An Annual Gathering

a shiny NEW year

What will you do with it? How will you make it different? Meaningful? Evolutionary?

You hold the answers in your hands, right now.

Intention holds the key to your results. Intending, right now, that you will grow both self and your mission in the world by choosing bravely, wisely, with a renewed sense of purpose and adventure is a great first step. Getting yourself out of the way is a perpetual one; and lucky you, as part of this amazing energy community, you have lots of friends and colleagues to turn to, for what you don’t want to carry with you in to 2019. (So reach out to them?)

Join them, April 5-7 for the seventh annual spectacular known as The Spring Energy Event! This year our theme is POSSIBILITY.

You can sign up for the newsletters at top right. You can see who is coming to this year’s grand event on the right hand side of the page, under SEE 2019 Presenters. You can reserve your place and ‘ticket’ that will give you access to the information, codes, rooms, food, and meeting rooms by using the PayPal button below. Just $50. Still.

The big idea is to come for the entire weekend. This is a retreat; a gift we give to one another and ourselves.
There is a specially negotiated rate for all the event meeting rooms, labor, set-up, scrumptious food, delicious snack bars and beautiful lodging, rolled into one tidy at-cost package. (Note this is a private event; not available through online sites or discounters.) The prices are as close to the same each year as I can make them. And the really important point here is great value.  That’s what we’re sharing with one another, all weekend long, and it’s my commitment to you to create a non-commercial event for growing, rejuvenating and evolving our community, that in turn serves the world.

And here to remind you what community is about, and how we each make it, where’ve we go, for better or worse, is SEE member Kelly Roughton’s presentation:

Don’t delay. About half of our rooms are already spoken for.

1. Register:  Use the PayPal button below; send $50 to RSVP a ticket.
2. Next, email Jondi, with room preference (Single, Double -and with roommate name, if any). Jondi is now making all reservations for the group using a private reservationist to keep things running more smoothly. 
3. Confirm that you are arriving Friday afternoon April 5th, and departing Sunday, or staying over Sunday night, April 7th.

Festivities begin Friday afternoon, April 5th starting at 3pm, and continue through late Sunday afternoon, April 7th, with an optional experiential workshop that’s our tradition, on Monday, April 8th, with SEE founder Jondi Whitis and Intuitive Candice Thomas.

Questions? Let us hear from you!

PayPal Button to RSVP and get ticket/code: