An Annual Gathering



Do you know that song by country legend, Dolly Parton? She sang it years ago, but it stuck with me; the ease and freedom with which wild flowers grow is the kind of feeling I use EFT to access.  Dolly’s songs have that simple, easy freedom, and are often metaphors for what we’ve made complicated! Life, in a word!

Another way to talk about that is the realization that our life experience here on the lovely blue-green ball is the meaning we make of it. We get that meaning from our childish attempts at understanding the world, as do elders around us that struggle to do the same. Sometimes it’s generations full of folks making mis-perceptions and handing them down. Other times it’s just not giving much thought to things as Life whizzes by, carrying us forward at an astonishing pace. And sometimes it’s a piece of ineffable wisdom that lands right beside us, from a trusted friend, a loved one, or even a traumatic encounter.

When we use our favorite EFT toolbox we easily find we’ve created mis-perceptions, often of staggering proportion. Nowhere do I find these as readily as when working with ‘self-sabotage,’ our self-imposed prisons. Whether we’re conscious or not of our creation, there’s the presumption that by sabotaging ourselves we can somehow keep ourselves ‘safe.’ (All of us can probably hear someone asking, “And how’s that working for ya?!”)

But rather than curse the darkness, it’s a lot more satisfying to bring these saboteurs out into the light of day; then we can see how ridiculous or mis-guided our attempts to keep ourselves safe really were! But it rarely tells us what to do about it. So here to answer that question is my esteemed friend and colleague, Gene Monterastelli. In a sudden and stunning act of tech-competence, I’ve provided you with his audio recording on Self-Sabotage below, and how you can get in touch with him, too.

Happy listening! Here’s to helping the rest of the world unlock their little prisons of self-sabotage, too. As always, working on “being the change we want to see” starts with your very next thought. So why not start right here?

Self Sabotage w/ Gene Monterastelli [Download]