An Annual Gathering

Found Your Tribe? Your place?

Our ‘place’ is always in belonging.   In community.  We are creatures in need of one another, and nowhere more than when we are in service to others.  Because we cannot afford to isolate.  Cannot be rejuvenated, known or supported in isolation.

The best way we know to take care of that?  The 6th annual Spring Energy Event.

April 13-15.

Beginning on Friday afternoon, 4/13, we’ll be in Florham Park ,NJ, on our once-a-year retreat. Each year we put down the phone, cross off the calendar and come into community.  

Who’s coming?

SEE2018 – Program Poster-FRIDAY

SEE2018 – Program Poster-SATURDAY

SEE2018 – Program Poster-SUNDAY

When, Where, How Much?:  Down to the right.  Information.

How does it feel?  Check out this recording from the founder:

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