An Annual Gathering

SPRING, An Eternal Returning & Rejuvenation

This is the month, and for many the very weekend, that traditionally defines our concept of Spring.  For some, it is about renewal of earth, life cycle, and for others renewal of the human Spirit, and life renewable and gifted.  And for all of us the miracle in the eye of the beholder’s heart and mind.  The idea that we are still here, still viable, purposeful and each day one of possibility for transformation.

For those that came and created the dynamic Spring Energy Event with me, I send you again my heartfelt thanks for coming together to create our own miracles and evolution. The gift of community and sharing of our collective strengths, intelligence, skills and experiences are the culmination of each one of us embracing their role in the whole of healing community. It is an active, vital, breathing creation of our intention, and so very wonderful to behold. May everything you took away this year be firmly implanted within your heart, and poured out in abundance, for yours and everyone’s highest good.

“Relationships are our life’s blood and this is what gives us resilience, not only as individuals, but as collective community.” – Dan Siegel

I wish you a wonderful season of renewal, and thank you for your company along this path called Life.  Soon I will be sending out some materials from SEE 2019, and information about the birth of our 8th year, on April 24-26, 2020. Save the date and the vision for each year’s renewal of self, skills and of course, our community of hope, healing and transformation.

In Light and Kindness,