An Annual Gathering

More Like Spring Every Day!

Spring!!!I can only say this picture makes me jubilant whenever I see it.  

And today is one of those days, as I have had the great pleasure of following up with some of our 2016 Presenters and planning a great gathering for you all.  All kinds of gifts are headed your way, from remarkable people, committed to giving you their time, expertise, insights and wisdom.  They value the Connection, Co-Creation and Community of energy workers, healers and lightworkers that synergistically grow stronger, deeper and more excellent each year.  Come, bring your friends, as we bring all that we are to one another.   This year, we FLOW.

Speaking of Flow, ever notice how animals’ energy flows naturally, without reservation, and how we can learn from their simple reflection of truth-in-the-moment?  Listen as two EFT Practitioners, both expert with animals, guide us into this realm of animal energy wisdom.  

Here’s the recording [Download]
, from the 2015 Spring Energy Event, featuring Anne Robbins and Ange Finn.  After you enjoy, share it with a friend who could benefit.

Announcing Even More 2016 Presenters…

It is my pleasure to announce even more presenters for this year’s SPRING ENERGY EVENT.  They’re coming from all over!  See the sidebar, the 2016 Presenters, for full details.  But here’s a sampling of the newest additions:  SUSAN BUSEN, teacher, practitioner, & author of Tapping Into Joy and Tap Into Balance will be joining us from Chicago, talking about developing our Intuition.  GUNILLA HAMMNE and ULF SANDSTORM will join us from Africa, via Skype, describing their years of work with wordless trauma relief protocols that both flow and are replicated easily, within minutes, to heal thousands. EFT Founding Master NANCY GNECCO returns, bringing the Art of Practitioner Self-Care, and we welcome back EFT Master ANN ADAMS. The Flow of Improvisation & Innovation heralds the return of HARRY PICKENS, followed by Scientist & entrepreneur MARIANNE BERQUINT.   Canadiens KELLY ROUGHTON and ERIC HUURRE join us, with New Paradigms in Parts Work and Eric’s years of filmmaking expertise,  documenting the flow of EFT into a world of need.  And there’s more, so hurry on over to the sidebar… but first, RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW.  Our event code is 1103X5.

More to come!  Details for costs, location and Presenters are to the right:

                       What Can You Do to Make This Year the Best Ever?

Have you connected with your friends or colleagues?  Sent an email to a select list of folks who could really benefit from this kind of connection and community the Spring gathering brings?  Personal invitation is by far our preferred method of entering community – you know this, yourself!  I’ve been delighted to introduce you to my friends, and am sure I will enjoy meeting yours. It’s going to be a great year!

You will also see the handiwork of some of your favorites, who’ve all brought me flow topics that will bolster, nurture, inspire and transform….like Gene Monterastelli, Deborah Donndelinger, Kris Ferraro & me, Jondi!  We’ve got great things for you!

I still have rooms waiting, so grab your friends and reserve one today, here.

Can’t wait to see you all again!  Jondi & the TapFest Team